Hedgerow Kennel & Hunt Club

268 Athol Richmond Rd. Royalston, MA 01368
Telephone (978)249-7115

Hedgerow Membership

English Setter on Point !

Hedgerow Membership allows you to combine your gun dog training and upland bird hunting at a fraction of the cost.
Membership includes:

20 One on One Training sessions are included in the Membership. These Sessions are $80.00 each with total value of $1600.00

approximately 40 group sessions are included in the membership. These Sessions are $55.00 each with a total value of $2200.00

See Membership Details for more info.
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Gun Dog Training

Honoring a Point !

You’ll find that Hedgerow’s One on One, and Group Training Sessions will provide opportunities for you and your dog that would otherwise be unavailable. We work with  you and your dog to insure you are working on the right things in the right way. Hedgerow also has equipment available for your use that would otherwise be costly to purchase. This combined with the training sessions help you get the most bang for your buck. Because Hedgerow is also a private hunting preserve, we are allowed to hunt and train over the dogs year round. This allows you to give your dog maximum exposure to birds. You just can’t train a bird dog without birds !

Upland Bird Hunting

American Cocker Retrieving a Chukar Partridge !

Our 110 acre Hunting Preserve provides challenging hunts for both you and your dog. You can enjoy a quiet hunt without the distraction of other hunters surrounding you. We have 2 different hunting areas. Occasionally we will have 2 hunts out at a time with a maximum of 3 hunters per party, but we try to book hunts so that you will have the entire area to yourself. You can also bring up to 2 guests with you each time you hunt. You can join as an individual or join as a group. We look forward to working with you.