Membership Details

Annual Individual Hunt Club Membership – $1800

  • membership begins the day you join and is good for a year from that date
  • members may invite up to 2 guests on any hunt that they book
  • no charge for extra birds taken beyond what you have released during any hunt
  • no charge for clean up hunts any day of the week
    free Group training sessions
  • 20 free  One on One Training Sessions and 50% off of any additional  One on One Training    sessions. Each One on One Training Sessions lasts about 1 hour.
  • 10% off of Boarding and or Boarding and Training
  • year round use of designated training areas
  • use of dog training equipment

Annual Group Hunt Club Membership $1700.00 per person (up to 4 members per group)

Allows you to join the club with 1 and up to 3 friends. Each of you will save $100.00 on the membership. Group membership comes with all of the benefits of the individual membership.