Gun Dog Training


If you live close to Hedgerow you can book a One on One Training Session. These sessions help identify problem areas in your dog’s performance and find solutions to correct them. Hunters take advantage of these sessions to tune their dog up before hunting season opens. Many people use these sessions to prepare their dogs for Hunt Tests and Field Trials.
One on One Session
$80.00/Hour plus training birds

Group Training Sessions

Group Training Sessions are useful for training when you need helpers or other dogs. Teaching dogs to quarter, honor other dogs on point, and honor retrieves require another dog or someone to assist you in your training. We try to keep these groups small so that you don’t spend all your time waiting to run your dog and to help you focus on your training objective(s).
$55.00/person/session plus training birds

Boarding and Training

You can choose to leave your dog at Hedgerow for Boarding and Training. We set goals every month as to what training we will do with each dog. Owners are invited at the end of each month to visit and work their dog with Pat’s guidance.  This allows a smooth transition from training to home. You and your dog will already be used to working with each other
Boarding and training Rate.
$38.00/day plus training birds