Hedgerow Kennel & Hunt Club

268 Athol Richmond Rd.  Royalston, MA  o1368         Telephone: 978-249-7115

Trainer, Pat Perry

Training and Hunting Your Gun Dog

Hedgerow Kennel & Hunt Club is located in Royalston, MA. We offer training for all flushing, pointing, and retrieving breeds. We have 110 acres of mixed hunting covers and a beaver pond. Training at Hedgerow provides your dog experience in handling many different situations on land and in water. Our clients have had great success hunting, achieving  Hunt Test Titles, and placing in Field Trials.

We Offer 3 Proven Training Programs

We offer year round boarding for your dog.

Kennel Boarding Services

We are also a year round private hunting preserve. Members and their guests can enjoy hunting chukar partridge and pheasant.  Check out our membership information by following the link below.

Upland Bird Hunting

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Hedgerow Kennel & Hunt Club

268 Athol Richmond Rd.

Royalston, MA 01368

Telephone (978)249-7115


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